Common Thread Quilt Guild

The Common Thread Quilt Guild now boasts approximately 200 members, who come from all over the Ottawa/Hull area. We meet once a month (at the MIFO Centre, when in-person) for our regular meeting, which always includes a show and tell, often a guest speaker, mini demos and more. We are a member of the Canadian Quilters’ Association.


The Common Thread Quilt Guild is a not-for profit organization. Our purpose is to:

  • promote the art of quilting
  • use quilting to respond to the needs of the community.
  • foster high standards of excellence in the practice of quilting through an active program of education and study
  • provide a venue for quilters to meet and socialize
  • contribute to the community through educational and charitable offerings.

Constitution and By-laws

Our Constitution was revised in 2019. Our Code of Ethics can be found here but is also included in our Constitution

Common Thread Quilt Guild Constitution (2019)

Guild Executive & other Volunteers

A list of the Common Thread Guild executive positions, along with the current incumbent(s) can be found here.
Descriptions of the these and other volunteer positions can be found here.

Guild History

The Common Thread Quilt Guild was created by a group of women with the need to get together and share their passion for quilting. In December 1993, they met at the Orleans United Church to discuss the possibility of creating a quilt guild. By January 1994, there were 80 members. Over the years the numbers have grown, and the location has changed. With this continuous growth, the Guild decided it was an opportune moment to strengthen its organization, and as such became incorporated on July 16, 2003.
Every second year the Common Thread Quilt Guild hosts a quilt show in Ottawa, showcasing the Guild’s quilting talents. Artists have an opportunity to display their creativity and passion for quilting in a variety of categories. During the show, visitors are invited to attend numerous quilting demonstrations and purchase the latest gadgets and fabrics from the merchant mall.

Meeting Address:

MIFO Centre
6600 Carrière Street
Orleans, ON

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 62022
RPO Convent Glen
Orleans, Ontario K1C 7H8


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