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Lifetime Membership


In the 2017 revision of our Guild’s constitution, the addition of Lifetime Member was added under Membership as a way for the membership to acknowledge and show appreciation to long standing members for continued contributions to the Guild. “A Lifetime Member is an individual who, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, is deserving of special recognition due to extraordinary contribution to the Guild. A Lifetime Member is entitled to all privileges of membership and is not required to pay dues.” (CTGQ Constitution, Article III, para 7)

Who: A Lifetime Member is someone who has displayed ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication. The member will have made exceptional contributions to the Guild by having served on the Executive and/or other committees or contributed to the Guild in a significant way. This includes volunteer work on behalf of the Guild in support of charity organizations. Criteria for Lifetime Membership are identical to those for Volunteer of the Year Award except that the individual must have been an active member, in good standing, for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive years.

Nominations: Any member in good standing can nominate another member in good standing for this special designation. Individuals may not nominate themselves.

Criteria: Nominations must provide specific and concrete examples that show how the nominee is outstanding and deserving of this special designation. The nomination must show how and where the member has made a difference.

When: Nominations may be made at any time. However, in order to be able to make presentations at the June meeting, nominations must be received no later than March 31st. Lifetime Membership will be presented by the President at the June Guild meeting.

Presentation: The Lifetime Member will be presented with a certificate, a Lifetime Member pin and a photo will be taken. The certificate shall state the most significant, if not all, contributions of the member.

Benefits: A Lifetime Member shall be granted all privileges of regular membership. The recipient shall pay no membership dues, and shall be admitted to the Guild’s quilt show free of charge. Lifetime Members shall receive a card and Lifetime Member pin to show when necessary at Guild functions.

Limits: There are no limits to the number of Lifetime Memberships in a given year, nor is it mandatory that Lifetime Membership be granted every year.

Selection Criteria:

  • Date member joined the Guild (Lifetime member – active member for minimum of 10 consecutive years.)
  • Role – describe the member’s contribution
  • Impact – describe how this member’s work has addressed a priority of the Guild and had a lasting impact on others
  • Reach – describe who had benefited
  • Engagement – describe how the member’s work has sparked others to engage in a collective effort
  • Challenges – describe how the member has overcome challenges to make their contribution to the Guild
  • Inspiration – describe how the member has earned the respect of, and become a role model for, Guild members

Completed Lifetime-Volunteer Nomination Form may be sent via email to, or dropped off at a Guild Meeting by March 31, 2018

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