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Quilt Show Volunteer Shifts

Many volunteers are required in order to have a Quilt Show running smoothly.

Many volunteers are required for the setup and tear down.  Thank you for volunteering!!

Date Time Shift Set Up
June 13, 2024

Many Volunteers

Kathryn B., Adam H., Janice N., Con N., Carole M., Shirley G., John G., Joanne F., Laura E., Suzanne M., Paulette B., Irena W., Adele S., Lynn S., Kirstin F., Cynthia N., Gisele PB., Rachel M., Susan W., Eve L&1, Joanne V., Tammy D.

*Empty boxes below indicate volunteers still needed to fill these positions
**Boxes with 1st names & initial of surname indicate positions that are filled (thank you!)



Date Time Shift White Glove
June 14
9:45-12:00 1) Lynn B 1) Carol A 1) Ann K.
2) Leslie P.
3) Linda H.
4) Cathy S 2) Ruth O. 2) Ann-Louise M.
5) Linda B.
6) Melanie P. 3)Jeannette H.
12:00-2:30pm 1) Ann R. 1) Thelma R. 1) Judy L.
2) Susanne M
3) Adele S.
4) Lynn S. 2) Corrie H. 2) Irene W
5) Maria-E N.
6) Andrée F 3) Doris L.
2:30-5:00pm 1) Susan B. 1) Ruth O. 1) Heather L.
2) Roberta R.
3) Yvonne M.
4) Dorothy D 2) Andrée F. 2) Vicki R.
5) Chantale R.
6) Rachel M. 3) person still needed
5:00-7:00pm 1) person still needed 1) Sherida G. 1)Pauline M
2) Denise W
3) Diane G
4) Tammy D 2) Anne-Marie F. 2) Kayli R
5) person still needed
6) person still needed 3) Liz J-V
June 15
9:45-12:00 1) Lynn B. 1) Lucy P. 1) Gisele P.B.
2) Linda H.
3) Lyse P.
4) Margaret K. 2) Danielle B. 2) Sandra B.
5) Nathalie T
6) person still needed 3) Josee L
12:00-2:00pm 1) Doris L. 1) Pauline M. 1) Del J.
2) Maria E N
3) Veronan B.
4) Josiane G. 2) Kayli R. 2) Catherine P.
5) Thelma R
6) Shirley G 3) Maureen W.
2:00-4:00pm 1)Joanne V 1) Hazel M. 1) Colleen D.
2) Danielle B.
3) Valerie G.
4) Annik M 2) Pat K. 2) Myrna P.
5) Maureen W
6) person still needed 3) Kathleen S.
4:00-6:00pm 1) Joanne V. 1) Pauline M. 1)Elaine C.
2) Dorothy D.
3) Rachel M.
4) Thelma R 2) Kayli R. 2) Debbie J.
5) Julia B.
6) person still needed


Date Time Shift DEMO HOST
June 14, 2024
11:00-1:00 Laura E.
1:00-3:00 Cathy G.
3:00-5:00 Joanne F
June 15, 2024
11:00-1:00 filled
1:00-3:00 filled
3:00-5:00 filled


Date Time Shift Tear Down
June 15

Many Volunteers

Janice N., Con N., Carole M., John G., Laura E., Elaine C., Debbie J., Joanne F., Elaine L., Jacki R., Joanne V., Gwenne P., Danielle B., Dorothy D., Rachel M., Paula P., Mary-Ann S., Luzia S., Josiane G., Lynn S., Adele S., Lisa F., Pauline M., Kaylie R.


Quilt Drop off Dates Drop off Locations
Sat June 9 to Tues June 11 at drop off locations.  Please make an appointment ahead of dropping off.

You may also drop off your quilts at the quilt show table at the June 11 Guild meeting.

⇒Convent Glen area:   Maria F.
⇒Queenswood Heights /South Orleans: Marjorie H.
⇒Blackburn Hamlet: Sherida G.
⇒Rothwell Heights/Beacon Hill area: Jeannine A
⇒West End Ottawa:  Irena W.


Questions about volunteering can be emailed to the quilt show’s volunteer coordinator at  

Any questions or concerns about the registration form can be directed to


  • WHITE GLOVE: Walking among the hung quilts, being an ambassador from our guild answer questions and prevent mistreatment of the quilts.
  • ADMISSION: Ticket sales
  • SECURITY: Posted at appointed exits to prevent quilts from being stolen (yes it has happened.)
  • SET UP: Hanging the quilts for the show, bring a ladder or a tall friend.
  • TEAR DOWN: Dismantling the quilt show and hand the quilts back.
  • New! DEMO HOST: This position (standing) is to remind the vendor, help them set up, welcome audience, tidy up afterwards. Please note: Demo Host shifts have slightly different shift times.

If you would like to volunteer for 2 (or more) volunteer shifts,  please make 2 (or more) submissions. Thank you!


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