Common Thread Quilt Guild

Quilt Show 2024

The CTQG Quilt Show was held Friday & Saturday June 14-15, 2024 at the Earl Armstrong Arena, 2020 Ogilvie Road. link to map

Plenty of free parking is available at this location.
Hours of show:

  • Friday June 14th:    10:00am-7:00pm
  • Saturday June 15th:  10:00am- 6:00pm

Tickets remain at $10

2024 Quilt Show Categories

The show categories, and each category’s submission limit (if there is a limit), are described below.


1. LARGE: a quilt with a perimeter of 350” or greater (Maximum of 1 Entry)

2. MEDIUM: a quilt with a perimeter of 181” – 349” (Maximum of 2 Entries)

3. SMALL: a quilt with a perimeter of 180” or less

4. MINIATURE:  a quilt with a perimeter less than 96” total. If blocks are used, they must be 4” or less. A bound full-size block is not considered a miniature, neither is a hexie quilt made with pieces ½” or greater. The overall pattern MUST show a miniaturization of a quilt.

5. ASSORTED QUILT ITEMS:  Quilted clothing, bags, pillows, etc.  

6. BLACK & WHITE PLUS ONE CHALLENGE: a quilt with a perimeter of 349” or less, made with black and white fabric (remember that black and white make grey), plus one other colour OR one other fabric (Maximum of 1 Entry)


YOUTH: There are two categories for youth to show their quilting skills:

a) youth 13 years and under

b) youth between 14 and 17 years.

Age is determined by the entrant’s age as of March 31, 2024. They can use any technique, but size is limited to less than 350” perimeter. Youth must be sponsored by a CTQG member (no membership fee required). (Maximum of 1 Entry)

WORKSHOPS & GUILD CHALLENGES:  We also hope to have a special display of quilts from workshops and challenges presented since the May 2022 quilt show.  Note: the quilts in this special display will not be voted upon, nor included in the show limit of quilts.

Registration of Quilts

Entry rules and registration forms are now available by clicking here.  Entry deadline is the May guild meeting (Tuesday, May 14, 2024).

Members may submit up to five quilts. Depending upon the number and size of the quilts entered, entries may be limited to three.  Please indicate on your registration form which quilt(s) you prefer to be withdrawn, if necessary. (Limits by category are shown above with the description of the category.)

You must hold a valid membership (2023-2024) in the CTQG to enter your quilts in the show and be eligible for prizes.  Your entry must not have been displayed at a previous CTQG show.

The committee reserves the right to move an entry to a different category if appropriate.  

Please, ENTER your quilts! Your quilts make the show a success!

Pre-Quilt Show Challenge:  No Touch Mini Quilts

  • Make little quilt(s) no bigger than 12” x 12” (fully finished) that says “don’t touch the quilts” in a clever, pictorial way. Add a 2” Sleeve, sign and date the back. Hand it in to the Quilt Show table at guild night for your chance at $$ prizes.
  • For more info on this fun challenge, check out the No Touch Quilt Challenge page here.

Hope your creative juices are inspired! It’s NEVER too soon to start a quilt!

Quilt Show Vendors and Merchants

Drop by and see all your quilt shops all in one venue. Many of your favourite shops will be at the event, so don’t miss your opportunity to drop by and see what’s new in store.

Among Brenda’s Quilts
Auntie Em’s
Bytowne Threads
Fabric Maverick
Fran’s Quilting
Happy Wife Quilting
L’Artisane Lou
Mad About Patchwork
Mad Moody Quilting Fabric
Maker Savvy
Paisley’s Quilt Shop
Quilt Fabrics
Quilters Barn and Gifts
Upper Canada Quiltworks
Stitch by Stitch
Taylor Sewing Quilt Shop
Young Vintage Fabrics
Stache Fabric & Notions

Members’ Market

Quilt Show attendees like the opportunity to buy handcrafted items.  At our quilt show, we will have a Members’ Market where members of our guild will sell quilt-related items, such as bags, quilts, table runners, place mats, mug rugs, etc.

To participate, or if you have questions,  please contact Paulette at the email address :   Note: members who want to participate in this sale must be willing to volunteer at the Members Market booth.  A sign-up sheet will be available at the April and May guild meetings.


Without you as volunteers, our shows couldn’t happen.

We are looking for volunteers to help with set-up and tear-down, and admission desk, security and white glove during the show. We also have need of  4-5 homes to be “drop off locations” prior to the show.

The link to sign-up for volunteer shifts for set-up, white glove, admission desk, security and tear down is available below. You register to be a “drop-off location” at the guild meetings, using the form at the link below, or by emailing the volunteer coordinator at We look forward to your being part of the team!

Volunteer descriptions

White Glove Ambassadors: Stroll through the quilt display area; helping the visitors view the quilts, answer questions, chat with folks enforce the “no touch” of quilts and generally be a smiling face from our Guild.

Admissions: Selling entrance tickets, stamping hands, hand out ballots and being your helpful selves.

Security: Monitoring one of three emergency exits for illicit activity (i.e. keep the quilts from walking out!) This is a sitting or standing shift.

Set-Up: Thursday June 13, 1pm-5pm. This is all about hanging the quilts up. If you can you hang a curtain, you can hang a quilt (even my husband can do this one). If you can bring a ladder or another buddy (partner, offspring)? All help is appreciated and the more we have the easier & faster the job goes.

Tear-Down: Saturday 6pm-7:30pm. The quilts get taken down, bagged up and handed back to the quilters. There is a wide variety of tasks from climbing a ladder to sitting, so everyone can help. Once again, the more hands we have for this task the faster it be done.

New! Demo Host. This (standing) position is to remind the vendor of their presentation time, help them set up, welcome audience using a microphone, and tidying up afterward.

How to sign up?


For questions about volunteering, please contact

Questions related to quilt registration, please contact

Other questions related to the 2024 Quilt Show can be directed to the Quilt Show coordinator at the email below.

Janice Namiesnowski
Quilt Show Coordinator

Common Thread Quilt Guild